Goldair Tourism’ headquarters are based in Athens. At its modern office facilities, the primary concern is to provide a sound workplace where the priorities are the safety and health of its employees. In order to provide such ideal working conditions, both in the environment that its employees work in, as well as in each area of activity that Goldair Tourism is active in, the company possesses advanced technology and the necessary resources.

The company has also developed an anthropocentric policy, which is based on meritocracy, supports new ideas, encourages initiative and rewards consistency and dedication. Combining work with continuing education, expertise and assessment, it provides its people with all the necessary tools to exploit their potential of the maximum. Goldair Tourism’ rich array of activities either concern initiatives under its Corporate Social Responsibility programs, or are recreational oriented for the purposes of strengthening staff’s contact with the company. Such initiatives create an environment of trust and are an important tool with which Goldair Tourism rewards its dedicated associates.