Medical Tourism Services

Goldair Health Tourism is active in the field of medical tourism through providing high quality services to International Patients who wish to combine their treatment with a holiday in Greece. Medical Tourism is characterized by diversity due to the fact that numerous companies and organizations are involved in it, namely insurance companies, hospitals, health services, hotels, transportation companies, legal services and government organizations. Goldair Health Tourism, having an in depth knowledge of this complexity, focuses on rigorously evaluating the above, so that it can provide safe and integrated cross-border patient care for individuals seeking treatment in Greece. Guided by a sense of morality and responsibility, the company maintains partnerships exclusively with certified health providers that meet international standards of healthcare.

As a Medical Tourism Facilitator, it informs patients about the range of treatments, the level of facilities and expertise of the medical staff whilst overseeing regular correspondence between patients and physicians, in their native language. It then intervenes to provide medical care and treatment at certified Greek hospitals, whilst also taking care of all the other trip details in Greece. Goldair Health Tourism ensures that patients receive comprehensive medical care at affordable prices, including travel packages and tours in the biggest cities and tourist resorts in Greece. Goldair Health Tourism is certified by international organizations and is a founding member of the nationwide medical tourism association ELITOUR and actively participates in the development and promotion of Greece as one of the leading health and wellness destinations.

The services that Goldair Health Tourism provides include:

• Provision of information regarding the treatments offered by certified hospitals in Athens and the largest tourist centers in Greece.
• Provision of all visual information pertaining to the treatment facilities and extensive information on the innovative equipment and cutting edge technology available in Greek hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers.
• Information provided on the expertise of the internationally renowned Greek doctors that the company collaborates with as well as correspondence in the patients’ language.
• Mediating between the Greek physicians and the patient’s personal physician.
• Mediation re. diagnostic examinations, screenings, personalized analysis and suggested treatments.
• Arranging for care in certified Greek private hospitals and clinics, with no waiting lists or delays.
Goldair Health Tourism’s facilitators are in contact with the patient and the physician throughout the course of examination and treatment, as well as and reintegration into the patient’s holiday.
• Integrated tourism services for international patients and their attendants

Τhe medical tourism packages that Goldair Health Tourism offers include:

• IVF/Assisted Reproduction
• Check ups
• Dialysis
• Aesthetic Medicine (Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Hair Transplants)
• Dentistry (Implants, Periodontics)
• Surgical Procedures (Cardiac, Orthopaedic, Eye Surgeries)
• Rehabilitation and Recovery
• Wellness programs and holistic care (meditation, yoga, health camps, coaching programs)
• Spa, thalassotherapy and hydrotherapy

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